Ashoka Global Academy
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (CAIE)


AGA is an institute with a futuristic vision and seeks to provide nothing short of the best to its students and faculty. We are constantly innovating in terms of infrastructural facilities to provide customized learning solutions and facilities to our students and an open and healthy environment for learning. Our campus is located amidst the most picturesque environment in Nasik, occupying a land area of 3 lac square feet. The environment, serene and free from pollution and noise is facilitates learning. A variety of environments supporting different teaching and learning needs and providing a chance for team-teaching are in place. There are group learning spaces but also smaller breakout/collaborative areas and individual study retreat areas. Following are some of the infrastructural facilities provided by us.



The STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Lab helps students put into practical use, their knowledge of each of these subjects under the expert guidance of their professors. It is a unique space of innovation and exploration that helps students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and experience firsthand, their applications.

3D Lab

3D Lab

The 3D Lab provides a virtual environment for the students to understand subjects like never before. Through quality audio-visual apparatus, modern software and 3 dimensional simulation, students understand complex abstracts concepts with ease.

Interactive Corridors

Interactive Corridors

Customised spaces that cater to outdoor learning and the Open Classroom concept, interactive corridors with thinking boards, Board games (115 sqft each) like snakes and ladders, tic- tac – toe, chess and scrabble designed on the floors for students to use. These concepts are also incorporated in the teaching-learning process. For example, the chess board was used in grade 2 Math lessons to teach the concept of coordinates and positioning.



Students have a special learning area in the Library where they get to sit, relax and read in a calm and serene environment which is their retreat for individual study and reflection. The library itself is highly student friendly and students enjoy spending their leisure time with books.

Music Room

Music and Dance Rooms

Well equipped, designated rooms are provided for training in Keyboard, Percussion instruments, Guitar, Kathak, Western Dance and Vocal Music. We strive to give students a platform to nurture their skills and hone their talent in the field of Arts.


The ICT Lab has computers equipped with the software and applications required for teaching Cambridge ICT Curriculum as well as those required for the purpose of research and exploration. Each Classroom is Internet enabled so that teachers and students can explore resources and conduct extensive research.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

A Huge Dining Area with a seating capacity of 700 students and a systematic modern buffet system with Bain Marie heating system is in place.

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms

These are large and airy classrooms, having a floor area of 700 square feet, with a maximum strength of 25 students. Projector, SMART board, computer and speakers are available in every classroom. The PCs are enabled with appropriate software such as Geogebra Software for Mathematics used for teaching graphs and functions in the senior grades. Each classroom has an area designed as a stage where students can express themselves and enhance their communication skills. There is an open and free environment in the classroom to use the entire space including the floor, the walls or even the ceiling for teaching and learning. Classrooms are aptly designed for group learning, small breakout spaces for teamwork and collaborative learning activities.


AUSAO enables leading age observation by offering astronomy based educational programs, modern observatory, and access to state-of-the-art instruments and technology to the students. The inclusion of educational concepts based on astronomy and space sciences with reference to the school curriculum through activities, sessions, tutorials and modules has been made possible under AUSAO.

multi purpose hall

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall with a floor area of 2000 sq. feet is used for conducting combined group activities for students as well as staff.

Art Gallery

There is a provision of an Art area with an Art Gallery, and separate rooms for Pottery, Wood Art, Sand painting, Painting, to facilitate the integration of Art with other subjects and enhance the artistic skills in the students.

The E-Library

The E-Library is a resource centre where students not only engage in activities such as giving book reviews, listening to audio stories, interactive lessons but also engage in research and read e books. In collaboration with Nexool, students have taken up a reading program to enhance their reading and comprehension skills.

Assembly Area

The Assembly Area is used for various group activities as it provides an open arena for outdoor activities as well as indoor activities.

Labs with best facilities

Students learn through experiments and activities. Hence there are various labs that have been equipped with the best facilities. The labs are

  • Math Lab:
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Geography Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Composite Lab