Ashoka Global Academy
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (CAIE)

Skill Development Program

To cater to the different learning needs of students based on their skills, a Skill Development Program is run parallel to the regular teaching/ learning process to support the students and help them improve in their academic performance. For this there is a special educator who creates customised modules for each student based on their learning needs.

Experiential and hands-on learning

Experiential and hands-on learning environments and opportunities, often in partnership with the local business and/or post-secondary education communities are conducted for the students.

As a part of the Ashoka Group there is immense exposure to our students to explore hands – on learning through field visits and guest lectures facilitated by Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. For example to give further insight on the SMART City project taken up by the students, Mr Rohan Londhe, who is heading the SMART City Division at Ashoka Buildcon Ltd., Pune, visited the school to provide valuable insight, share informative materials and conduct guest lectures.

Students have also visited the Gangapur Dam under project “Water, Precious Water” to know how hydroelectricity is produced and the working of a dam. They also visited a vineyard owned by one of the parents to learn about drip irrigation techniques under this project.