Ashoka Global Academy
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (CAIE)

International School Award

International School Award

The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:

Nurturing global citizenship in young people

Enriching teaching and learning

ISA was introduced in India in the year 2003 and nearly 2500 schools across the country have joined this exciting journey since then. The range of schools participating in the International School Award varies from the well-resourced private schools to government schools from rural areas and schools for the less advantaged communities. The International School Award now has a presence in 31 countries worldwide.

Why we took this up?

  • It has a positive impact on not just the students, but also the teachers and school in entirety.
  • It is a leadership challenge and fosters team building, innovation, and project management.
  • International Exposure - The students of Ashoka Global Academy are trained to become Global citizens. For this they are learning not only to develop International Mindedness but also collaborate with various schools in USA, Russia and Italy through various International projects. Students collaborate through Skype Calls, E Pal Letters and emails.

The following Projects have been taken up under the International School Awards:

De-Stress with yoga

Learning Outcome:

  • Understanding the importance of Yoga to increase strength and flexibility
  • Promotion of pure thoughts and a positive lifestyle amongst our Teachers and Students.
  • Increases overall tolerance for all cultures, religions and nations.

Health Our True wealth

Learning Outcome:

  • Identify and apply food principles to various food and nutrition systems.
  • To use the nutrition care process to make correct food choices.

Smart Cities

Learning Outcome

  • Identifying the purpose of developing a Smart City.
  • Critical examination of all the problems faced when planning a Smart City.
  • How citizens can contribute towards the betterment and development of a Smart City.

Water Precious Water

Learning Outcome

  • To understand the various sources of Water.
  • To analyse the effective use of Water and its conservation methods  3) To educate citizens about the maintenance of balance between usage and conservation.

International School Assembly

Learning Outcome

  • To get a clear understanding of how different colours, symbols and flags represent a country’s culture, traditions and heritage.
  • To understand the different languages of different countries.
  • To enhance the urge to connect, the level of tolerance and establish a strong global connect among students all across.

Energy Saved is Energy Generated

Learning Outcome

  • To differentiate between renewable and non-renewable sources of Water.
  • To derive methods of optimum water usage and its conservation.