Ashoka Global Academy
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (CAIE)

Club Activities at Ashoka

Astronomical Observatory

Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory is the first of its kind initiative in Nasik where students can observe routine and well as special celestial events and improve their knowledge of space. It is a fascinating world for our students and under the guidance of our faculty they are given the opportunity to handle a telescope and experience the wonders of space like never before. A number of interactive workshops, DIY activities, lectures, star gazing and nigh sky watching sessions and competitions are conducted under the Astronomy Club to keep the students engaged and help develop within them a scientific temper and the curiosity for learning.

Nature’s Club

The purpose of the Nature Club is to develop within students a love and sensitivity towards the environment. Students are taught to identify different species of birds, trees and animals and the different ways in which they add value to our environment. Many excursions and in-house activities are conducted under the Nature Club to raise awareness about our duty towards protecting nature.