Primary & Secondary School
Ashoka Marg, Nashik (ICSE)

Club Activities at Ashoka

Trek to Dugarwadi for Nature Club Induction

At Ashoka, we are totally into taking education beyond the four walls of a classroom! The students of Ashoka Universal School experienced an adventurous day with a trek to Dugarwadi on Sunday, 3rd July 2022, as part of the Nature Club activity. 
We believe that education should not be limited to books. Holistic learning always comes from exploring and experiencing. Nature Club is one such initiative to meet these goals. Parents and students from Grade 5 to 12 experienced the same during a trek as they explored the Dugarwadi waterfall, different flora and fauna around and chirping of birds, and buzzing insects. The parents and Ashokites had a gala time being in the serene environment.

Nature Club 2021

Nature Conservation Society of Nasik, in association with Ashoka Group of Schools, Ashoka Marg Campus organized a webinar on " Environment issues in Nashik City" to create awareness on the bleeding environmental issues leading to  pollution, inadequate waste disposal, diseases and unhealthy air.
The webinar was connected to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We begin from our city to reach the world.

Nature’s Club

A commitment to protecting and conserving nature is the need of the hour, and this power can be invested in the youth of our country. The Nature Club came up with the same view in mind. In spending time in the outdoors, recognizing the complex and fascinating ecosystems in place around us, and having a memorable time in its company, help inculcate a love, respect and awareness towards nature in the minds of our students. The outdoor setting gives them the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills and develop their personalities through interdisciplinary group activities

Zindagi Live Club

Every child needs the support of their families to be able to flourish and grow, and grandparents play such a crucial role in their lives. Through the Zindagi Live Club, we call all grandparents to join us for an hour of activities and frolicking. Their child-like wonder enthusiasm and infectious energy is a true gift to our school.