Primary & Secondary School
Ashoka Marg, Nashik (ICSE)

Awards and Accolades

Academic Achievements

Since 2010, our school boasts of 100% I.C.S.E. results, which speaks highly of the dedication and hard work put in by the faculty and students alike. Our faculty adopts a holistic attitude towards teaching, encouraging students to broaden their horizons and develop a positive attitude towards learning and understanding. Our school results testify to this fact.Click here to view results

Moreover, field visits, guest lectures, seminars as well as excursions enhance the educational experience for our children. As we are dealing with teenagers, our faculty is particularly understanding and congenial and act as advisors to them.

Competitive Examinations

Students of all grades participate in a range of exams and Olympiads to gain a better understanding of their subject and challenge themselves on the state and national level. Throughout the course of their preparation, they are supported and guided by our experienced faculty.

Following is a consolidated representation of how our students have fared in these exams between 2012- 2018.

Co-Curricular Achievements

Quality training and encouragement in co-curricular activities is important for students to be able to identify and pursue their unique talents. Along with quality education, active participation in a number of co-curricular activities can go a long way in a student’s all round personality development.

Following is a tabular representation of our students’ achievements in the field of Music, Arts and Sports over the past few years.