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Counselling Corner

Counseling Corner

In an increasingly competitive world, where the schooling landscape has undergone significant changes, it is important that students feel supported and confident and are able to adapt to changing environments. This makes School Counseling a fundamental part of any educational system. At Ashoka Universal school, we strongly feel that it is imperative to merge academics and character development for developmental growth, to be productive citizens. Here, counsellors, teachers and parents work hand-in-hand to address topics like academic challenges, career development, social skills, performance, mental health, stress management, etc. Our trained psychologists are an important support system for students, encouraging them to make healthy choices, to acquire a sense of civic responsibility and to develop the skills necessary to realize their individual goals. The school also conducts workshops through the year on these lines for the benefit of all students and parents.

Mr. Avishkar Gangurde is a Clinical Psychologist and Counselor; he has done his Graduation in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology. Apart from these degrees he has completed 2 Months PG Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy with 400 hours training in Counseling. 
His interest areas are Students’ Psychological needs and helping individuals deal with emotional disturbance and their personal growth. He has a liking to help and facilitate Students, Parents and Staff .He conducts sessions with help of Psychotherapies like REBT and Gestalt Therapy as tools in his session as he has been certified to use these Psychotherapies.

Among the various services of guidance program me organized by the educational institutions or schools ‘Counseling service’ has a vital role to play.
School Counseling helps students understand their learning needs and blocks, such as equipping them with study skills, doing semi-formal assessments for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. ... School counselors can guide the students in choosing the right career based on suitable aptitude tests.