Primary & Secondary School
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (ICSE)

Club Activities at Ashoka

Astronomical Observatory

The Ashoka Universal School Astronomical Observatory (AUSAO) is a professional observatory with a High Definition telescope. It is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Nashik, where students can observe and understand the many celestial bodies and occurrences in space. The provision of world-class equipment and correct guidance ensures that students develop an interest in the wonders of space and develop a scientific temperament. We also conduct a range of DIY activities, interactive sessions and sky-watching throughout the year as a part of the Astronomy Club.

The vision of the Astronomy Club is to develop a scientific temper among students and generate curiosity among them about the wonders of the universe. Students observe many fascinating celestial bodies and understand the different phenomena like eclipses unlike ever before. It also gives them a chance to learn new scientific concepts and to handle a telescope. It is an interactive club with many activities scheduled throughout the year to keep students engaged.

Nature Club

The Nature Club aims to inculcate a love of nature in the minds of the youth by bringing them closer to nature through club activities. The excursions conducted under the club give students the unique opportunity to not only understand their environment better but also develop their leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills. There is no better way to sensitize students towards the environment and the need for its protection than encouraging them to spend time in its company. Students of Ashoka have made a commitment to working for the environment and encourage this attitude through treks, nature walks, eco-friendly celebrations, poster competitions, exhibitions, etc.

Zindagi Live Club

It is always a joy for us to welcome all the grandparents of our students to spend time with us. The Zindagi Live Club is a space where our grandparents can forget all their worries and break the monotony of the routine to let go and have fun through exciting activities. We truly believe, you are never too old to have fun and make new friends!