Primary & Secondary School
Arjun Nagar, Nashik (ICSE)


A sound infrastructure is essential for the overall growth and development of a student. A good infrastructure enhances performance and instigates a student to excel in the field of his choice. Infrastructure conducive to a child’s intellectual, mental, physical and emotional development thus plays a key role in the success of a child.

Being fully aware of the importance of infrastructure in a child’s life, Ashoka Universal School with its state-of-the-art infrastructure rightly boasts of world-class facilities within its campus. With spacious and well-lit classrooms, laboratories, dance room, music room, arts room (catering to various forms of art), huge playground, basketball court, library, astronomical observatory, infirmary, dining hall, auditorium and VC room, the school is at with international standards to provide the best for our students.

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms

Classrooms in our school provide students space for creativity and expression. These are spacious, bright classrooms, each having a ‘stage’ where the student can express their thoughts. This helps them reflect and develop communication skills, critical thinking and empathy. All classrooms have an internet connection, which can be utilized under teacher supervision, for facilitating the teaching-learning process.

Open Air Classroom

Open Air Classroom

Holding on to our traditions , we have developed an open air classroom in a traditional Gurukul style. The aim behind this is to bring the children out of the four walls of the classrooms to experience the joy of learning in an open environment.

3D Lab

3D Lab

The 3D Lab is a virtual world that facilitates learning through high quality 3D animations and easy to grasp methodology. The 3D virtual lab helps students experience the real world in a virtual environment and explore a wide range of topics. Concepts such as functioning of the heart or nuclear fusion become much easier to grasp when taught through 3D visuals, making learning immersive, exciting and fascinating. Teaching and learning gets an extra edge and relevance when visualised through 3D graphics and modern simulation techniques.

The STEM lab

At the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Lab, teachers and students experience application of scientific concepts. Through this innovative technique, teachers as well as students build interesting scientific models and conduct experiments combining their knowledge of different domains. The STEM curriculum is strategically aligned with concepts taught in the science classes, thus connecting the classroom teaching with practical learning.

The E-library

Ashoka Universal School houses a double-storied library, encompassing both - electronic and paper material. It has a collection of nearly 10769 books covering an extensive range of topics. The e – library is a place where students can read books, listen to audio stories, research on unexplored concepts and participate in many related activities, whether it’s reviewing books, discussing individual research or engaging in book club activities.

Other than these, Ashoka has fully-equipped and modern Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer and Language Labs for students where they can immerse themselves in the practical aspects of subjects and gain a holistic understanding.

Sports Facilities

Along with the best academic environment, students are provided excellent sports facilities and the guidance of expert coaches. The school has a track record of producing national and international players. Some of our sports facilities include

  • A Running track
  • A Cricket pitch and practice net
  • A Football ground
  • A Lawn tennis and Volley ball court
  • A Basket - Ball court
  • A National Level shooting Range with modern technology to measure speed and accuracy.
  • A Fencing Arena
  • A Skating ring
  • Provision of indoor facilities for sports like Karate, Gymnastics and Chess

Music Room

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Students can pick from a wide range of instruments like the guitar, keyboard, tabla, percussion instruments such as bongo, octapad, drums and dholak and learn under the guidance of skilled musicians. Well - trained vocalists train the students in both western and Indian classical music.

Dance Room

Dance Room

The Dance Room is a spacious, well-equipped room, where students can get training in both western and Indian dance forms. Our experienced and qualified dance teachers ensure that a student’s talent is encouraged and they guide them throughout their journey of dance. Over the years, our students have performed at a number of prestigious events and gained admiration for their skilled performances.

Art Room

In an Art class our students explore a world uniquely their own! Art class is a place of free, creative expression. Besides possessing a dedicated space for painting, drawing and colouring, it has different sections for other forms of art, such as wood art, sculpture, pottery, sand art, calligraphy and hobby ideas. It is a space for young artists to explore and grow.

Dining Area

A spacious dining area caters to the nutritional needs of the students, with the menu being decided according to the age groups. A completely vegetarian diet is provided with special provision for Jain food.



An infirmary with a qualified nurse is present in school during the school hours, so children can seek immediate medical attention in case of any discomfort. We are also associated hospitals in the surrounding areas in the event of an emergency.