Skill Development

We believe that “learning by doing” is the most efficient way for a child to learn. It refers to the kinaesthetic development of a child. Skill Development serves a distinct purpose of making students learn with interesting methodology and practical activities.

Inculcating 21st century skills

In our Pre School, emphasis is placed on the individual development of the child, on his/her independence and uniqueness and integration into the group of children and society in general. In this spirit we promote democratic principles, such as choice and equality, through understanding the differences between the children in the kindergarten. Specially designed group activities encourage cooperation between the children without competition and nurture their team work around goals and joint tasks. These activities encourage thinking and creativity and develop the imagination. This learning takes place mostly through intrinsic motivation, experience and enjoyment.

Language Skills

Listening demonstrates an appropriate attention span, increasing ability to attend to and understand conversation. It also demonstrates comprehension of numerous words beyond what they can apply in their verbal communication.

Speaking helps improve abilities to participate and respond appropriately in a group. Eg: Taking turns, asking question, active listening, etc. It also encourages children to participate in rhymes and explore word families.

All the activities are designed keeping in mind the primary need of the development of Language Skills..

Social and Emotional Skills

Personality Development is about how children develop confidence in what they can do and how they express themselves. Social development refers to learning to behave in a socially desirable manner. Emotional development is related to children’s overall development.