Dr Priya Aher

Dr. Priya Aher


What is the purpose of education? To learn to think?
Is it to learn the basic knowledge - reading, writing, Math, Science or Economics?
To learn to be a productive human of the world?
Or something else?

Purpose of education has evolved with the needs of the society. Educators today are preparing the youngsters to face their future world which is rapidly changing. Students today need to understand the meaning of LIFE, to be lifelong learners and above all to grow up into emotionally healthy individuals who can nurture or engage themselves into meaningful relationships.

The purpose of education is to support children in developing the skills and values which allow them become responsible members of society, who are ready to make meaningful contributions for a sustainable society.

Not only should children learn civic knowledge—what is Democracy or have knowledge of political parties and how they work ,but they need to imbibe the Civic skills of respecting each other, working in teams, accepting everyone in the society, being active participant in contributing for society by fair means.

Schools today need to focus on Social and Emotional learning, which are actually the building blocks of the future Global society.

At Ashoka, the Academics is finely woven with the essence of Social, Ethical and Emotional learning and we commit to support the learning of the children who will be able to love, work, accept, adapt the ever changing global community.

The safe environment and the resources provided here, knowledge based skills provided by the able and trained educators will surely develop children for their LIVES AHEAD.

Dr Dinesh Sabnis

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis

AGM Physical Education

I feel immense proud to be part of Ashoka Group of Schools. Our Sports & Activity program is geared to compliment our academic program and we believe it is a vital part of the educational process. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide programs that allow students to identify and use their talents, increase their skill level, and to enhance their overall competitive development very much parallel to studying academics. Students in Sports & Activities are coached to compete with an emphasis on teamwork & positive attitudes. We are committed to maintain good attitudes that reflect positively on ourselves and Ashoka Group of Schools.