School Activities

Kids’ Zone

What if every play hour could contribute to your little one learning a new skill or information? Breaking the monotony, the kid zone allows students to pick from a range of carefully picked educational toys and apparatus, making learning systematic and fun. This is also a great time for kids to learn sharing, discipline and being independent.

art and craft

Art and Craft

The Art and Craft room is a wonderful space to introduce children to new concepts. In performing simple activities, they are gaining confidence in their abilities, building basic motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination. All of this learning happens in an enjoyable atmosphere where kids feel more encouraged to try new things.

Dance Room

Dance and Music

Music and Dance are two activities that have a greater degree of positive influence on students than we can comprehend. Students are in a happy space, learning to be unafraid, participate in a new activity and working in coordination with other classmates. For some students music and dance is a way to let go of their inhibitions and express themselves freely. It is an exciting class for our students and probably one of their favourites!

Kids Gym

Although 3-5 is a very young age to introduce students to organized sports, introducing them to simple physical activities can go a long way in channelizing their energy and building their personality. Through exercises and games conducted in the Kids Gym, children are introduced to valuable lessons like sharing, cooperating, being patient and helping one another. The gym is truly a classroom in its own measure.