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"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship."

Keeping the above thought in mind, we strive towards nurturing every child's unique abilities. Theme based curriculum, age-appropriate programs and state of art infrastructure, everything at Ashoka Global Pre School is in tandem with the holistic development of our students. Our well trained staff, under able leadership works excessively towards building the child's cognitive, language and motor skills. The preschool focuses heavily on the physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and intellectual development of the child. Consistent parent involvement in the school activities is one of the unique features of our preschool.

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01. Infrastructure

Our efforts are directed towards building our campus with world-class facilities. Our design philosophy is to develop a child-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and stimulating learning

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02. Counselling Corner

In early schooling years, counselling is an important aspect for both - students and their parents. Pre-schooling is the beginning of significant changes for a child.

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03. Activity

At Ashoka Global Preschool, our young students are given the opportunity to explore a range of activities to satisfy their curiosity and channelize their energy.

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We believe that “learning by doing” is the most efficient way for a child to learn. It refers to the kinaesthetic development of a child. Skill Development serves a distinct purpose of making students learn with interesting methodology and practical activities. Activities are designed to develop specific 21st century skills like motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, social skills, emotional skills.

21st century skills

21st century skills

In our Pre School, emphasis is placed on the individual development of the child, on his/her independence and uniqueness and integration into the group of children and society in general.

Show and Tell Activity

Show and Tell Activity

In an endeavour to equip our students with proficiency in speaking skills, we are conducting a daily activity 'Show& Tell'.

Learning Stations

Learning Stations

Every classroom is equipped with learning stations, where the students develop their own activities based on the concept taught.

Rancho Hour

Rancho Hour

We have a separate STEAM room for the students and a dedicated RANCHO hour for these activities.


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