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Ashoka Schools

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Meet our

Mr. Ashok Kataria (Founder of Ashoka Schools)

I have always envisaged Ashoka as a nurturer for a community of 21st century learners, where students are encouraged to develop open mindedness, spirit of inquiry, creative and critical thinking skills and self and social responsibility. Our schools collaborate with the community to instil in the students generosity of spirit and integrity of thought, word and action. I have always believed that to be educated means to have a deeper understanding of self and of the world. I envision every Ashokaite to be a contributor and an achiever at the global platform.

Mr. Ashok Katariya
Founder Chairman

Mr. Satish Parakh (Secretary)

We aim to create a global educational community of conscientious individuals who have developed their intellectual, artistic and professional talents to the highest degree, and who have an exalted sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to transcend barriers, overcome odds and work in unison to bring about positive change in society. Effective schools are founded on a strong foundation of children who thrive when they are challenged and are self-motivated to find solutions. We pride ourselves on our happy and nurturing environment which enables every student to achieve his/her very best.”

Mr. Satish Parakh

Mr. Shrikant Shukla (Secretary)

In imparting education, we aim to guide the students through a system beyond pure academic achievement into development of the total personality. The focal point in this development process is the inculcation of attitudes that lead the child to unfold naturally into a well -balanced individual who will effectively meet the challenges of the world, as well as contribute responsibly to global growth. Each child is different, born with a unique set of natural abilities and thus strive to develop their individual cognitive skills by encouraging them in all respects. We aim to go all out to provide the best opportunities to our students to gain prowess in sports, performing and visual arts, oratory skills, art or other skills of their interest.

Mr. Shrikant Shukla
Joint Secretary

Mrs. Astha Kataria (Managing Trustee)

We are making a profound headway in pursuit of excellence in education and our students are shaping into accomplished adults who are embedded with international perspective. We foresee a colossal shift in the social and professional scenario that our students will face when they grow up, hence, we strive to focus upon equipping them with 21st century skills and making them ready to compete successfully in their future challenges. Our ever progressive approach of education is in force for empowered, self-motivated and agile achievers who contribute holistically within and beyond the school. We aim to become a community of lifelong learners, striving for excellence, and inspired by achievement and success

Mrs. Astha Kataria
Managing Trustee

Mission Statement

“We are committed and determined to redefine the cause of excellence in Education and implement it through accelerated need based practical oriented process with holistic approach; to empower the learner for self exploration, so as to become a responsible global citizen with deep rooted ethos of Indian culture and tradition.”


Ashoka Schools


Exploring the sky & beyond.

Photograph taken from Our Astronomical Observatory


Learning Beyond Boundaries


Learning 3 Dimensionally.

Stem Lab

We think, we design and we create.


Aiming the target at professional level.


Steering to a journey of Success...

Rancho Hour

Nurturing young minds to think.

Biotech Lab

Budding scientists at Work.

Commerce Lab

Building entrepreneurs of future.

Language Lab

mastering the linguistic road map

Sensory room

Advanced approach to the five senses.

Semi Olympic
swimming pool

Preparing professional swimmers.


Spreading the
true essence of HAPPINESS.

Math lab

Penetrating into concept

ART Dept.

Unleashing the creative minds


Ashoka Schools


International School Awards - Outstanding Commitment To Sports & Best Infrastructure

International School Awards - by British Council

Indian Education Awards 2019 - Best Emerging School of The West

Future 50 - Top 50 Schools in India

Indian Education Awards 2020 - K12 School Chain of the Year - West


8 International Toppers

276 National Toppers

209 State Toppers

150 District Toppers


29 International

121 National

470 State

295 District


39 International

125 National

59 State

133 District



How does the school’s assessment system evaluate the skills of a student?

Assessments at our institutes are carried out to gauge the application potential, the retention and comprehension abilities of a student. The structured assessment and evaluation framework focuses not just on Assessment of Learning but also on “ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING”.

These activities include

  • Quiz
  • Group activity
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Conversations
  • Visual Testing
  • Debates

Our continuous assessments help us evaluate the student’s development over a range of skills and also provide us the necessary feedback to hone their strengths and improve performance.

An in-house aptitude test mechanism is in place to test students for special programmes, such as ‘gifted education’ or ‘special education’. Aptitude tests are also carried out to gauge student’s proficiency and what learning methodology suits him best. We also partner with esteemed companies/institutes to provide us with Diagnostic Tests to evaluate students’ verbal reasoning, numerical ability, spatial ability, speed and accuracy.

The schools and the Junior College follow Trimester pattern of evaluation which caters to internal assessment and written evaluation.

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Apart from academics, what opportunities do the students get for all-round development?

We firmly believe that along with helping the students develop a perception towards learning and reasoning, the child’s all-round personality development should be focused upon equally. Focus is also on building good behavioural skills and a healthy attitude towards life in their formative years, through values inculcated by sports and other extra-curricular activities.

The facilities and opportunities available at the students’ disposal are:

  • Hands on learning through STEM Lab and Science Lab.
  • Enhanced communication skill through the English Enhancement Lab
  • AUSAO: Ashoka Universal School's Astronomical observatory, first of its kind in Maharashtra
  • Career Counselling Service
  • A plethora of indoor & outdoor activities
  • Student development activities - curricular and co- curricular
  • Physical education and extra-curricular activities
  • Board of Honors,  a Student Leaders board to encouraging responsibility and leadership skills
  • Activities to develop 21st century skills
  • Organization of and support for a range of intra-school and inter-school competitions
  • Life Skill programmes
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How is technology used to support teaching and learning at Ashoka Institutes? What innovative teaching practices are followed?

Effective integration of technology in classroom teaching can improve students’ ability to grasp and retain information. Use of innovative teaching methods makes comprehension easier and lessons more enjoyable for the students.

To this end, the following technological resources are being implemented

  • Smart-class enabled classrooms
  • Provision of electronic tablets to teachers to enable research and help them gain an in-depth understanding of their subjects
  • Well equipped Computer Lab, STEM  Lab and a Digital Language Lab
  • Educational PPTs made by educators after extensive research to facilitate knowledge and enhance understanding
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Does the school have any mechanism to develop emotional and social skills? Do you have a student counsellor?

Education is incomplete without equipping students with the necessary devices of emotional and mental well-being and empathetic social skills. With this purview in mind, ‘Happiness Curriculum’, Value Education lessons, interview sessions with real life heroes, excursions and visits to support various social causes have been actively implemented as a part of the curriculum.

Our Emotional Literacy Program helps students understand and guide their emotions from a young age.

We have a dedicated Counselling Department that actively engages with students and parents to work on adjustment issues, child care, etc.

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What is the school’s approach to student safety?

Ans. Provision of a secure environment is crucial for children to enjoy learning and realise their full potential. We take various precautionary measures with respect to safety and security at school.

These include:

  • CCTV cameras for round-the-clock surveillance on campus.
  • Continued association and weekly awareness sessions by Resilient India - a leading NGO undertaking preventative measures to address the risk /threat of inappropriate behaviour and cyber crime. These awareness sessions are conducted for students, teachers and staff.
  • Awareness workshops on self-defence
  • Security Personnel stationed at the school gates and strict check kept on visitors
  • Supervision of lady attendants in  buses and escalators
  • Well equipped infirmary with  trained nurses
  • Doctor on call
  • Evacuation drills in preparation of handling an emergency
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What kind of a social responsibility/duty do you have in place at Ashoka schools?

A number of curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted with a view of helping students develop a more humane, empathetic and productive outlook towards the society.

These efforts are realized through activities like:

  • Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) for Grades IX, X XI and XII.
  • Road Safety Awareness Drives
  • Tree Plantation Drives
  • Book Donation Camps
  • Visits to old age homes and orphanages
  • Art Fest- the proceeds of which go to NGOs working for the underprivileged
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Do you bring out any publications?

Our periodical and annual magazines are a wonderful way of reviewing the many milestones in the institution’s journey and showcasing the many achievements and talents of our students.

Ashoka brings out a number of publications, as follows:

  • Happiness Curriculum – A guide book for teachers
  • Mimansa- An annual school magazine
  • Yuvarth- A periodical by ISC Commerce Students
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What kind of field trips are organized by the schools?

Ashoka organizes a number of field trips and excursions throughout the year for different grades. These field trips give students the chance to explore a number of settings from nature to industry under the guidance of the experts.

We encourage field trips and excursions where students understand practical application of knowledge, learn discipline, and move beyond the bounds of the classroom. Who knows where a child may find his calling!

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What training and development programmes do teachers undergo?

Education is a dynamic field and teaching must evolve with changing requirements of changing times. The Quality Assurance and Guidance team provides the Educators/Coordinators/HODs with essential training related to the enhancement of teaching - learning process and behavioural enrichment.

Our staff is also encouraged to attend a range of conferences, workshops and seminars across India to stay updated with the current trends and approaches in the education sector and bring the best to our classrooms.

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What’s the status of interaction between parents and teachers?

Ashoka encourages an interactive and healthy relation between teachers and parents to be able to track a child’s development and address any concerns of the parents.

Parents can physically meet the teachers on school premises on Parent Induction and Open House (paper showing days) or with prior appointment.

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What is the student-teacher ratio like at Ashoka Schools?

A balanced student-teacher ratio is essential to ensure that every student gets one-to-one attention. It stimulates better learning, helps better management of the classrooms and upholds the quality of the teaching-learning experience.

All classrooms in Ashoka maintain the prescribed teacher to student ratio.

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